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Wet and Dry Risers




If you own, manage or reside in a building where any floor is over 18 meters above ground level and below 50 meters in height then the installation and maintenance of a dry riser system is required.

If the building is over 50 meters high, then a wet riser system is required.

Wet and Dry risers are used by the Fire Service to provide a readily available means of delivering considerable quantities of water. The choice of wet or dry riser will be dictated by the type of building.

Wet Risers
Our wet riser systems store water at all times, allowing for a constant supply of water for fighting fires throughout any commercial building. Each system houses a glass valve that shatters when the room temperature rises above 68°C and only activates sprinklers in the zone of fire.

Dry Risers
Very similar in function to our wet risers, our dry riser systems do not store water at all times. They are left empty so that the fire brigade can pump an extinguishant of choice through them to effectively and quickly combat any fire.

Essentially a system of pipes that run through your office building, hotel or other commercial building, our dry and wet risers allow a supply of water for fighting fires throughout a building.

Our dry and wet risers can also be quickly and easily connected to any fire sprinkler systems you already have in your property or any that we are installing for you. This will ensure that as soon as a fire is detected, your sprinkler systems will be swift and effective in dealing with the fire.

With offices in Surrey, Somerset and Kent, we have experience of installing and maintaining high quality fire and security systems for commercial and industrial customers throughout London and the surrounding counties, at very competitive prices.

It is important that wet and dry riser systems are regularly serviced and maintained as failure to do so can result not only in failure but potential prosecution.

Artius Property Protection has the support structure and capabilities to successfully maintain and regularly test both wet and dry riser systems.