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Water Tank Lining, Coating & Repair Solutions


Artius Property Protection Ltd (Artius PP) is a leading UK water and environmental engineering specialist offering expert water tank relining, specialist coatings and refurbishment solutions for the repair of defective and leaking water storage tanks, cooling towers, containment bunds and other liquid retaining structures.

Our expert tank lining and repair solutions use a technically advanced, high performance polyurethane coating system that will quickly breathe new life in to failing and dilapidated tanks and similar liquid storage vessels with the minimum of disruption.

Our specialist solvent free coatings offer exceptional durability, they are WRAS approved for potable water, and are suitable for tanks made from most types of material, including glass reinforced plastic (GRP), concrete and steel. We are so confident in the long-lasting performance of our tank coating system that we guarantee it for up to 10 years for complete peace of mind


Our specialist water storage tank lining, protective coating and repair solutions offer a number of important benefits including:

Lining can be significantly more cost effective than removing a failing or leaking water tank. It also means that the life of existing retaining structures can be extended significantly.
Whilst our lining system is typically used for tanks containing water, it is also suitable for many other types of tanks and liquid retaining structures including fuel oil tanks and storage vessels, containment bunds, fire sprinkler tanks and cooling towers.
Repair and reline works are carried out by experienced specialists allowing projects to be completed quickly and efficiently to reduce business disruption.
Where necessary we can provide a temporary water supply during the course of the works to ensure continuity and minimise disruption.
Our specialist polyurethane coating system will prevent further corrosion and offers excellent chemical resistance.
Our seamless coating system cures to form a smooth, tough finish to provide long term protection against microbial colonisation of tank linings from Legionella, Pseudomonas, biofilm and other waterborne pathogens.
Specialist solvent free polyurethane coating system is WRAS approved for use in potable water applications.
Our coating system cures to form a tough but flexible finish capable of accommodating structural movement.
Fast curing protective coating forms an incredibly tough, durable finish for easy maintenance and cleaning.
Our coating systems are guaranteed for up to 10 years for complete peace of mind.

Should you replace your leaking water tank or opt for a repair and reline solution?

Businesses of all sizes, across all industry sectors use and maintain water tanks, which are as diverse in type and size as the business that own and operate them. It’s essential for safety and efficient running of the business that these tanks are well-maintained and adhere to current legislation covering the water regulations and health and safety matters. However, on the ball your maintenance teams are with your water treatment controls, there is no getting away from the fact that over time your water tanks might spring a leak or start to rust and begin to cause you serious operational issues. So, the question is… do you replace your leaking water tank or opt for a repair and reline solution?

What is tank relining?

If you use any of the various types of water tank in your buildings or as part of your processes and have started to notice leaks, staining or corrosion then you may have a problem that needs investigation to prevent further deterioration, water damage, microbial contamination and even disruption to your business operations.
Fortunately, there’s no need to replace failing tanks. This is often the last resort option and can be exceptionally costly. Repairing or relining, as the name suggests involves reusing your existing tank and simply applying a new, robust internal lining system formed using a high-performance polyurethane coating that will last for many years to come.

What types of tanks can be relined?

Relining is typically used for tanks containing water but is also suitable for many other liquid storage vessels. The types of tanks suitable for our protective coatings are diverse and include fuel oil tanks and storage vessels, sectional water tanks, process tanks, liquor tanks, containment bunds, potable water tanks, fire sprinkler tanks and cooling towers.
Our specialist relining process is suitable for tanks made from most types of material, including glass reinforced plastic (GRP), concrete and steel.

  • Sectional Steel Water Tanks
  • Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)
  • Concrete
  • Flat Steel
  • Attenuation Tanks
  • Effluent Tanks
  • Interceptors
  • Containment Bunds
  • Fire Sprinkler Tanks
  • Cooling Towers

There are some instances where a water tank replacement may be the only option. For example:

  • The water system is no longer suitable for the building, this could arise if a hospital has been converted into commercial or residential property for example
  • The tanks we supply are built from WRAS approved sectional GRP panels and are all manufactured in Britain using the highest standards. We are experts in providing temporary water systems; we can install a temporary mains bypass or a temporary tanked system ahead of the tank replacement process or any tank remedial works to ensures a continuous water supply throughout the duration of the works

From the moment we start working with you we are dedicated to the accurate assessment and planning and delivery of the project. We have a very efficient turnaround; and are accurate with the estimation of the length of project. Our planning process involves:

  • Phone calls with client to get a basic understanding of the requirements
  • Site survey to carry out a full and thorough assessment of the plant
  • In-depth proposal which includes one to two options with detailed specifications and estimated time of completion and firmed up pricing
  • Ahead of the project commencing a GANTT chart with detailed timings and daily activities
  • We place health and safety at the top of our priorities, so our clients always receive a Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) as well as certificates for all engineers involved in the project
  • We always plan for waste removal and will consider all factors for the specific site
  • Once the project is complete our onsite supervisor will escort the client around the site to gain approval and sign off of the job
  • We gather photograph and video evidence throughout the duration and submit a full completion report with evidence to the client upon completion

We supply and install anything from small domestic water tanks to large sectional water tanks holding hundreds of thousands of litres. The tank materials are sourced and manufactured in Britain and are WRAS approved for potable water, so you can rest assured the quality is of the very highest standard.


With offices in London serving the South and South East England, Manchester (North West), Birmingham (Midlands), Bristol (South West England and Wales), Leeds (North and North East) and Glasgow (Scotland), supported by regional teams of trained engineers and tank coating specialists we can offer professional water tank relining and repair solutions to businesses throughout the UK.

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