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Artius PP have extensive experience in HVAC system installation and project management. Based in the South East of England, Artius PP have a network of experienced engineers in London and the home counties and can offer our clients highly cost-effective call out, maintenance and installation on all types of commercial air conditioning systems and Heat Pump, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems . We pride ourselves in providing first class customer service, something that is so often overlooked by the larger providers. When ordering or fitting our products you are assured of the best technical support and after care provided by our specialist engineers and manufacturers. If you have a project which you think we can help with, or if you would like to discuss your specific requirements and receive a tailored quote, we would love to hear from you.

What Type of System?
There are a number of different types of Air Conditioning Systems that might be suitable for you and your building, please see below a brief guide:

1. Split Type Air Conditioning Systems connect an indoor unit to an outdoor one, meaning that installation is fairly unobtrusive. These units can be installed to allow for just one room to be heated or cooled at a time and additional units can easily be added on when more rooms come into use.
2. The VRV/VRF system (Variable Refrigerant Volume/Variant Refrigerant Flow) are reliable, efficient and energy saving. The installation time is minimal, which means minimal disruption to your building and occupants. These systems are great for medium to large sized buildings, where not all offices and spaces are occupied at the same time. When you need flexibility and control, the VRV/VRF type system could be perfect for your building.
3. Close Control Air Conditioning Systems allow you to monitor things closely. They are also known as PAC (Precision Air Conditioning) systems and are perfect for server rooms, for example. It’s not just a question of heating and cooling with these systems; they also control the humidity, temperature and particle filtration to parameters that you set and they can be monitored 24 hours a day. They even have alerts should something go wrong.

New HVAC installations through Artius PP will benefit from the following:
• Professional & Comprehensive System Design
• Dedicated Project Manager
• Fully Accredited Experienced Installers
• Safe contractor and Acclaim Approved
• Registered with Environment Agency
• Local authority, Building control and landlord liaison

Installations start at the planning stage and where possible, we try to have as much input as we can with clients, architects, consulting engineers, design teams and M&E contractors. Every installation will have a site-specific method statement prepared, following a site visit from our surveyor. Once this is done, a works schedule will be prepared and agreed with the client, the installation shall proceed with our onsite engineers and project manager.

Price Promise: We are so confident about our prices, we will endeavor to match any like for like quotation you receive.
Free Quotes: Our site visit and quotation is completely free with no obligation. Our quotation will be prompt, simple and jargon free.

How often is HVAC maintenance required?
Most manufacturers will recommend that your HVAC system be maintained no less than twice a year. This might seem overly frequent, but not only does it ensure the continual running of your HVAC system, it can also prevent costly breakdowns and repairs in the future too.

For example, over 40 per cent of all air conditioning breakdowns are caused because of little to no maintenance. As soon as dirt gets into the system, parts are more likely to rust and get ruined.

What’s more, the money and energy saving benefits of regular HVAC maintenance can be enormous. Costs are often as much as 50 per cent lower than for those who continue to maintain equipment reactively or after something goes wrong.

You can do your bit by changing the air filter every 60-90 days. This has been known to lower an HVAC’s electricity use by 5-15 per cent. You may also want to check the owner’s manual, as this will often include simple preventive maintenance checklists with helpful instructions.

Why choose an HVAC maintenance contract?
Seeing as you will need a professional to carry out the main aspects of maintenance due to the technical and complicated nature of most systems, entering into a HVAC maintenance contract is always a good idea.

That way, you can rest assured that your HVAC unit will continue to work smoothly and efficiently. Also, you can protect any investment or warranty on the unit, as some companies won’t accept HVAC repair claims if the issue is due to lack of maintenance.

Who should maintain your HVAC unit?
Artius PP aims to ensure consistency and accuracy with all repairs and maintenance by placing a focus on frequent training of all employees.

When your HVAC unit is not working correctly – or is simply not working, Artius PP engineer is on standby to complete your HVAC repairs. With our head office based in the South East of England, Artius PP have a network of experienced engineers in London and the home counties and can offer our clients highly cost-effective call out.

Our engineers have the expertise and experience to repair your HVAC system quickly. We streamline this process for domestic and commercial customers by providing easy and affordable HVAC maintenance contracts. Regardless of the problem you are experiencing, our team has a solution that is tailor-fit for you.

Our HVAC Repairs Include
• Commercial HVAC Repairs
• Residential HVAC Repairs
• Small Business HVAC Repairs
• Hospital HVAC Repairs
• School HVAC Repairs
• Local Authorities

Save Money with our HVAC Maintenance Contract
Whether you are in a small retail store or large commercial building, it still has its own challenges when dealing with emergency HVAC repairs. Not knowing which company to call or what the cost would be is extremely frustrating and could take days or even weeks until a reliable HVAC company comes out to make the repair. This is why Artius PP offers affordable HVAC service contracts where not only do we perform maintenance periodically on your HVAC system, but you get FREE service calls when your system does break down.