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Gas Suppression Systems


Inert Systems

IG01, Inergen, Argonite, Pro-inert, CO2. Stored as a pressurised gas, inert gases are usually a mix of nitrogen, argon and sometimes added Co2.

Chemical Systems

Novec 1230 fluid is a highly efficient fire extinguishing agent. It is ideal for special hazards such as spaces where maintaining operation of high-value equipment is paramount.

Room Integrity Test

A Room Integrity Test, or RIT, is undertaken to ensure that on discharge, the extinguishing agent achieves the correct concentration and maintains it for a minimum retention time value, above a defined minimum protected height.

Gas Suppression Systems

Gas suppression systems extinguish fires by removing the oxygen content to below 15% where most materials do not burn. They are activated by a smoke detection system that detects the early presence of smoke.

A high-quality gas suppression system means that water is not always essential to contain fires. We are experts in advising which form of fire suppression is best to use in each unique situation.

Gas suppression is ideally suited in server rooms where other forms of firefighting may cause water damage or loss of data, or in electrical rooms where water would pose a risk to life. This means that your employees and assets are safe in all circumstances.

You can trust that our gas suppression systems are of the highest quality. Gas suppression systems make sure that your employees, assets and data are safe when firefighting with water is not an option.

Types of Gas Suppression

There are few different gases that we use in these systems: Novec 1230 (clean agent); Inergen (Inert gas IG541), a blend of nitrogen, argon and CO2; Argonite (inert gas IG55), a blend of argon and nitrogen.

We appreciate that selecting the right system can be a daunting task, which is why we are always happy to provide expert advice.

Service and Maintenance

In order to optimise the performance of any fire suppression system service and maintenance in accordance with the relevant standards is essential. We are able to offer a full 24/7 maintenance and call out facility. In addition we offer in house room integrity testing of protected enclosures.

Refilling & 10 Year Testing

Should your system discharge or be due 10 year mandatory testing. We can carry this out for you, with a “Service Exchange” cylinder service. Your system can be up and running again with minimum downtime. Contact us to discuss your requirements.