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Ansul R-102 – Kitchen Suppression Systems


Artius PP through our associated company are specialists in the supply, installation and maintenance of Ansul R-102 fire suppression systems.

Commercial kitchen fires are highly destructive. The potential loss to both property and life can be disastrous.

Conventional means of tackling kitchen fires include portable extinguishers and fire blankets.

Both these methods require:
  • Operatives to be present – Someone has to physically be in the kitchen to apply the fire blanket or discharge the fire extinguisher. If the fire breaks out in a period of down time or when the kitchen is closed, fire can rapidly take hold if not tackled.
  • Operatives to be trained – To avoid injury and to attempt to extinguish the fire, operatives need to be trained on the correct selection and correct use of various types of portable fire extinguishers.
  • Operatives to put themselves at risk – Operatives will physically need to approach fires to tackle them. In the case of the fire blanket, the operative will need to be directly above cooking appliances that are in flame. Without the correct protective clothing this is highly dangerous.
Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems (Ansul Systems)

Offer a robust solution to this problem. Ansul Fire Suppression systems consist of a liquid wet chemical agent stored in stainless steel tanks and enclosures mounted adjacent to the kitchen extract canopy.
Fixed pipe work extends from the tanks into the extraction plenum areas and above the risk cooking appliances. Specific discharge nozzles are installed above each hazard appliance, behind the grease filters and up into the extract ductwork.

How it works

When a fire occurs in a protected area, it is quickly detected by the sensors the cooker appliance hood. The detectors trigger the Ansul Automan releasing mechanism which actuates the system – pressuring the agent storage tank and automatically shutting off the appliance energy.

The low pH liquid fire suppressant flows through the piping and is discharged into the plenum and duct areas and onto the cooking appliances. The ANSULEX agent is applied directly onto the fire in spray patterns, suppressing the fire in seconds. It smothers the hot cooking greases, a foam blanket is formed, temporarily sealing off combustible vapours to help prevent fire re-flashes.

The System’s exclusive stainless-steel enclosure is completely self-contained – so blending in beautifully Without affecting the kitchen’s operation.

Did you know?

If your kitchen uses commercial deep fat frying equipment, then a fixed fire suppression system is essential. Any cooking area over 0.4sqm requires a fixed suppression system rather than a portable liquid fire extinguisher. This is because a portable liquid fire extinguisher can cover up to 0.4sqm area, but above that it is recommended to avoid multiple small extinguishers, which may not do the job of extinguishment, so a fixed suppression system is the solution. Fire blankets, dry powder, wet chemical or CO2 extinguishers cannot extinguish burning fat in any significant quantity.