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Preventive Decontamination of Ventilation Circuits – D.P.S. Systems

The air that goes through aeraulic units (air conditioning/heaters, ventilators…) carries various pathogenic agents towards air vents, which are sooner or later discharged in the premises where we live. We are unaware that we breathe an air full of polluting agents, such as viruses, bacteria, microscopic fungus and other germs that can lead to allergies and many health issues. Some of them, including Legionella (a bacteria) and Aspergillus (a fungus) may cause serious pulmonary infections. The D.P.S. Element’air System has been created and developed to insure good quality and hygiene levels of aeraulic installations and of the air they convey, regardless of their structure.
D.P.S Element’air regularly and automatically releases a wide-spectrum disinfecting agent inside the ventilation units, based on scheduled frequencies in order to ensure permanent preventive treatment.


All our tests have been processed by certified COFRAC laboratories; the high efficiency level of the Element’air D.P.S agent, regarding the deactivation of vegetative and spore-forming bacteria of viruses and fungal species, has been validated as compliant with European standards.
Bactericidal NF EN 1040 Staphylococcus aeruginosa, Listeria monocytogenes, NF EN 1276 Legionella pneumophila…
Fungicide NF EN 1275 Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus fumigatus, Candida albicans, Cladosporium sp…
Virucide Afnor Standard T 72180 – 14476 Standard poliovirus, adenovirus – NF EN 13610 bacteriophage…


Biological Grease Removal

Permanent Grease Removal of Extraction Systems
G.A.D. Systems
The G.A.D Element’air System is a permanent cleaning device dedicated to grease removal produced by steam in professional kitchens.

Its automated operation enables to clean captors, complete units, extractors as well as extraction towers on a daily basis, while ensuring perfect hygiene and maximum safety.

A unique technology 

The G.A.D Element’air process is the result of years of in-depth research which led to the development of an agent, created from biotechnology, and of its dispersal device, for professional kitchens. Through this research work, we have designed a state-of-the-art system, in compliance with environmental standards, while achieving a level of performance that has brought Element’air to become one of the best solutions available to this day.

Highlights of the system 

• No more manual cleaning
• Units and extractors always remain clean
• Maintenance of unattainable spots
• No risks of fire
• Environmental-friendly thanks to its 100% organic biological agent
• No more activated carbon filter
• Possibility to destroy simultaneously cooking odors
• Preventive and/or curative treatment
• Low energetic consumption
• Water saving during the cleaning process
• Extremely silent
• Cleaning certificate delivered each semester
• Improvement of work conditions


Elimination of Odors

BIO-Elimination of Odors
The N.O.A Systems
The Element’air N.O.A system aims at absorbing odor nuisances by diffusing a Bio destructive agent together. It enables to process channeled airflows, regardless of their length or structure and ensures the automatic destruction of cooking odors, fried food, grilled meat…
Complete destruction of odors (no concealing)
The N.O.A Element’air systems have been developed using a patent technology, which combines physics, and biochemistry in order to degrade cooking odors produced by restaurants and other food-processing production sites.
The Biological agent destroy instantly the strongest evil-smelling molecules.

Unique performances

The quality of the nebulization produced by the N.O.A process guarantees perfect homogeneity of the B-TC agent in the processed air volumes.
Indeed, odor processing mainly relies on the quality of the agent used and the ability of the nebulization system to have the agent in suspension, into contact with all the molecules to destroy.
The N.O.A’s achievements include plentiful nebulization producing particles, numbered as 2 microns.
A multipurpose and user-friendly regulation system:
Equipped with a touch-screen controller, the N.O.A 15 and 25 devices provide various configuration possibilities enabling in particular to adjust the processing power according to set schedules and the specific needs of each system, in order to optimize efficiency and to adjust the B-TC agent’s consumption to requirements.

Highlights of the system

• Destroys even the strongest odors
• Immediate results
• Adjustable Power Programmer with 15 t 25 unit
• Very silent Low maintenance
• Low energetic consumption
• Minimal space required Easy and quick installation
• No more activated carbon filters
• Can be installed outside, on the façade, in the backyard in order to avoid sound nuisance for neighbors while respecting compliant standards.


Grease Traps

Self-Cleaning System for Grease traps
The S.T.S systems
Wastewater from institutional catering kitchens contains a lot of grease and other organic waste such as starch or proteins. Their hydrophobic characteristic requires physical treatment to separate grease from water with a grease trap. This treatment produces large amounts of grease that need to be evacuated regularly.
The S.T.S system is the perfect solution to maintain your grease trap clean and efficient.
Traditional grease traps are passive separation and retention vessels, which require regular pumping maintenance to remain operational. In restaurants, grease trap pumping is processed as best as possible, every three to four months, whereas the European Standard NF EN 1825-2 (November 2002) requires monthly pumping. Besides the issues water treatment plants and sanitation services may encounter with the growing problem of grease released in the sewage systems, the lack of maintenance on a grease trap may lead to internal malfunction such as drain or pipe clogging, and foul odor release.

Highlights of the system

• No regular draining process
• No unexpected unclogging action
• No foul odor Environmental friendly with a biodegradable agent
• Low power consumption
• Water saving during pumping process
• Improved grease trap hygiene (no fermentation)
• Suitable for any existing grease trap
The S.T.S Element’air system can be installed on any kind of existing grease trap or pumping station.
S.T.S operating principle:
The exceptional efficiency of the S.T.S process is a result of the bacterial concentrate’s operation.
The Bio-ST. Element’air agent is automatically discharged each night via a set ventilation device located in the grease trap. This device literally turns the grease trap into a bioreactor that could be found in the largest water treatment plants.
The S.T.S system enables to reduce immensely and even to suppress pumping processes, as they are no longer required to absorb solid and inorganic waste that could not have been caught before effluents entered the grease trap.