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Fire and Security equipment for a business is a necessity, not a luxury. So why not invest in a cost-effective way? With leasing a business is able to obtain this vital equipment whilst conserving cash flow, paying small monthly or quarterly rentals and enjoying fantastic tax relief.

Due to the importance of this equipment it is very important that companies can keep their fire and security systems up-to-date at all times. By choosing to lease the equipment can be upgraded at any time throughout the lease process.

We work alongside many finance company in the UK so we have the expertise and knowledge to tailor our service to our individual customers.

Types of Security Equipment we Finance

• CCTV security systems
• IP CCTV systems
• Fire Alarm Systems
• Electronic gates
• Wiring and control systems
• Access Control

What are the benefits?

• Having the equipment you need when you need it, not when budgets allow
• Fixed and structured payments that fit in with your budget
• Keeping working capital for alternative projects
• Protecting existing lines of credit for use elsewhere
• Significant tax advantages

Upgrades are available when leasing, it is important to keep this type of equipment up-to-date and reliable

We can pretty much finance any security equipment which is over £1,000 – simply contact us and let us know what equipment you’re looking for and we’ll let you know whether we can finance it.