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BIO-Elimination of Odors

The N.O.A Systems

The Element’air N.O.A system aims at absorbing odor nuisances by diffusing a Bio destructive agent together. It enables to process channeled airflows, regardless of their length or structure and ensures the automatic destruction of cooking odors, fried food, grilled meat…

Complete destruction of odors (no concealing)

The N.O.A Element’air systems have been developed using a patent technology, which combines physics, and biochemistry in order to degrade cooking odors produced by restaurants and other food-processing production sites.

The Biological agent destroy instantly the strongest evil-smelling molecules.

Unique performances:

LThe quality of the nebulization produced by the N.O.A process guarantees perfect homogeneity of the B-TC agent in the processed air volumes.

Indeed, odor processing mainly relies on the quality of the agent used and the ability of the nebulization system to have the agent in suspension, into contact with all the molecules to destroy.

The N.O.A’s achievements include plentiful nebulization producing particles, numbered as 2 microns.

A multipurpose and user-friendly regulation system:

Equipped with a touch-screen controller, the N.O.A 15 and 25 devices provide various configuration possibilities enabling in particular to adjust the processing power according to set schedules and the specific needs of each system, in order to optimize efficiency and to adjust the B-TC agent’s consumption to requirements.


Highlights of the system:

  • Destroys even the strongest odors
  • Immediate results
  • Adjustable Power Programmer with 15 t 25 unit
  • Very silentLow maintenance
  • Low energetic consumption
  • Minimal space requiredEasy and quick installation
  • No more activated carbon filters
  • Can be installed outside, on the façade, in the backyard in order to avoid sound nuisance for neighbors while respecting compliant standards.



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