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Preventive Decontamination of Ventilation Circuits – D.P.S. Systems

The air that goes through aeraulic units (air conditioning/heaters, ventilators…) carries various pathogenic agents towards air vents, which are sooner or later discharged in the premises where we live. We are unaware that we breathe an air full of polluting agents, such as viruses, bacteria, microscopic fungus and other germs that can lead to allergies and many health issues. Some of them, including Legionella (a bacteria) and Aspergillus (a fungus) may cause serious pulmonary infections. The D.P.S. Element’air System has been created and developed to insure good quality and hygiene levels of aeraulic installations and of the air they convey, regardless of their structure.
D.P.S Element’air regularly and automatically releases a wide-spectrum disinfecting agent inside the ventilation units, based on scheduled frequencies in order to ensure permanent preventive treatment.

Achievements :
All our tests have been processed by certified COFRAC laboratories; the high efficiency level of the Element’air D.P.S agent, regarding the deactivation of vegetative and spore-forming bacteria of viruses and fungal species, has been validated as compliant with European standards.
Bactericidal NF EN 1040 Staphylococcus aeruginosa, Listeria monocytogenes, NF EN 1276 Legionella pneumophila…
Fungicide NF EN 1275 Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus fumigatus, Candida albicans, Cladosporium sp…
Virucide Afnor Standard T 72180 – 14476 Standard poliovirus, adenovirus – NF EN 13610 bacteriophage…


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