Biological Grease Removal - Artius PP

Permanent Grease Removal of Extraction Systems

G.A.D. Systems

The G.A.D Element’air System is a permanent cleaning device dedicated to grease removal produced by steam in professional kitchens.

Its automated operation enables to clean captors, complete units, extractors as well as extraction towers on a daily basis, while ensuring perfect hygiene and maximum safety.

A unique technology :

The G.A.D Element’air process is the result of years of in-depth research which led to the development of an agent, created from biotechnology, and of its dispersal device, for professional kitchens. Through this research work, we have designed a state-of-the-art system, in compliance with environmental standards, while achieving a level of performance that has brought Element’air to become one of the best solutions available to this day.

Highlights of the system :

  • No more manual cleaning
  • Units and extractors always remain clean
  • Maintenance of unattainable spots
  • No risks of fire
  • Environmental-friendly thanks to its 100% organic biological agent
  • No more activated carbon filter
  • Possibility to destroy simultaneously cooking odors
  • Preventive and/or curative treatment
  • Low energetic consumption
  • Water saving during the cleaning process
  • Extremely silent
  • Cleaning certificate delivered each semester
  • Improvement of work conditions



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