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Automatic Vents – AOV’s

Artius PP can supply, install and maintain all types of smoke control and natural ventilation systems and work with a range of clients, including architects, M & E contractors, property managers, local authority and residential customers. Based in the South East of England, Artius PP. have a network of experienced engineers in London and the home counties and can offer our clients highly cost-effective call out, maintenance, installation and commissioning on all types of smoke ventilation systems. We pride ourselves in providing first class customer service, something that is so often overlooked by the larger providers. When ordering or fitting our products you are assured of the best technical support and after care provided by our specialist engineers and manufacturers. If you have a project which you think we can help with, or if you would like to discuss your specific requirements and receive a tailored quote, we would love to hear from you.

Smoke Control System

Smoke Control Systems, commonly known as AOV’s are available in many types of systems but all have the same purpose in mind.

Smoke control systems are a requirement for multi storey residential and public buildings, principally designed to protect the stairways and assist in escape using these routes in the event of a fire. The purpose of smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV) systems is to lead smoke and heat out of a burning building, whilst keeping escape corridors and stairs free of smoke for the safe escape of the buildings occupants, and to allow clearer access for fire fighters.

Building’s occupants’ safety relies on your regular maintenance of the Automatic Opening Ventilation (A.O.V.) system. This needs to be serviced and maintained at least once a year to conform to BS 7346, BS 5588 and EN 12101. It is recommended that an A.O.V. system is regularly serviced and maintained by specialised personnel on a regular basis.

Smoke Control Systems

A correctly installed and maintained smoke control system has the effect of increasing the escape time for the buildings’ occupants, thus potentially saving their lives.

Upon smoke being detected via a smoke detector, the AOV’s (automatic opening vents), louvres or doors via electric actuators (motors) or magnetic locks will automatically open.

We can provide you the correct solution for you smoke control needs.


We can design, supply, install and commission a smoke control system to suit the required application in all types of buildings.

Contact us to design the correct system for your building to ensure your occupants can escape safely in the event of a fire and provide clear access for firefighting services.


We can offer full maintenance service on fire safety systems regardless of manufacturer or installer, including:

  • Smoke control systems, including mechanical and natural smoke venting systems
  • Car park ventilation systems
  • 24-hour emergency call out
  • Fully trained engineers
  • Technical support
  • Regular scheduled preventative maintenance visits