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Amerex Fire suppression


Amerex offers the widest choice of approved kitchen fire suppression in the market place with detection and suppression options to suit every scenario. The systems are listed by Underwriter’s laboratories, Inc., (UL) and tested to standard UL300. Also approved by LPCB (LPS1223). Their pre-engineered wet chemical fire suppression systems were designed for protection of kitchen hoods and ducts, and the cooking surfaces of appliance hazards. The Amerex fire suppression systems use less wet chemical agent thanks to an overlapping spray design (an innovation that they pioneered). With Amerex, the agent is in a nearby tank.  Everything is self-contained for lower maintenance costs.

How it works

Amerex uses tried and tested technology to quickly detect a fire. It can also simultaneously interface with any gas valve/electrical supply to the equipment the fire is detected on.

The Amerex suppression agent is then discharged onto the fire, forming a solid layer of foam. This instantly cuts off the oxygen supply to the fire, suppressing it and cooling it. After an activation the system can be recharged on-site by one of our technicians, ensuring that your kitchen is safe to use again the same day.

Amerex offers two systems to meet the industry’s varying needs:

 KP Restaurant Fire Suppression System

Appliance-specific coverage that typically offers lower initial cost.

The KP system is ideal for uses where appliance location is fixed such as in fast food chains, casual dining, cruise ships and school cafeterias.
The KP System uses individual “Dedicated Appliance Protection” for each appliance under the hood requiring protection. A choice of the fire detection method may be a standard thermal link network or one of the two linear detection networks. (PRM or Linear Fusible Link).

 ZD Restaurant Fire Suppression System

Designed with fine dining, culinary schools, military facilities, hotels and hospitals in mind.

Zone Defense System was developed for the kitchen that changes out it’s cooking appliances frequently to accommodate the change in menu or cooks.

The ZD System provides a detection system and protection system which allows for the moving and rearranging of appliances without changing the fire suppression piping or detection device locations. This is accomplished by using a detection network that will detect a fire no matter where it occurs under the hood and will extinguish cooking appliances located anywhere under the hood, as long as they are inside the “Zone of Protection”.